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ZeroAtlas - closed beta

Empower your green company

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We help people discover your green company

Our audience is more likely to become your customer.

Get to know your customers

Use our analytics to learn more about your customers. Look for patterns & opportunities in growth.

Be shown first

Tell people what you’re known for or what you do best. Be featured in the cool new spotlight section.

Chat with them

It’s simple & personal to reach the right people through our chat. You can also chat with other green companies!

Our platform

ZeroAtlas is a customer platform with a suite of solutions for analytics, marketing, live chat and gamification.

The Best of 3 Worlds

ZeroAtlas is an advertising place for green companies, a real-award service as well as a gamification platform to get customers through your door, wherever your company is across the globe.

Built to Scale

As you grow, add more features, customize and specify your business with a personalized plan or team accounts. We’ll let you decide what you want, and help you find the right package for you.

Zero Compromises

Our users will leave reviews & photos of their favorite local green company to let others know what they love the most about that place. You can listen in at any time & use our tools to join the conversation.

Fast & Easy to Manage

It’s never been more easy to register or sync your social media & get a company profile directly in ZeroAtlas. Your analytics are always available on your awesome dashboard.

Looking for a new customer base?

A completely new way of engaging your customers. Gamification at its best.

Real world gamification

ZeroAtlas 2.0 will help you reach potential gamers who are nearby (on their phones) and searching for in-game places to interact with.

Rank 3 gives you a spot on the map & gamification features without the need to level up.

“It is extremely important to make sustainable initiatives visible. We at BZZT see ZeroAtlas as an exciting, very innovative way to influence & inspire green projects underway.”

Sven Wolf


Built with a global perspective

ZeroAtlas is meant to engage people all over the world and make them greener while having fun at the same time. It’s time to make the world a better place with gamification.

Pricing & plans

We’re currently offering you the basic plan. You can however already sign up to be on the waiting list for the advanced analytics plan & get a lower price.





Social Media

Reviews (coming soon)


Near future

Mobile Analytics

Place-based Ads

Real Awards

Keyword Planner


Web 2.0

User Insights

Geo Spots

Ad Campaign

Click n' Grab

Included with all plans

  • Geo demographics
  • Get reviews (coming soon)
  • Dashboard (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Be featured in the spotlight section
  • Assign your company roles (coming soon)
  • Chat with your customers & other green companies
  • Get a spot on the map (included)
  • Eco Friend membership (included)
  • Get rank 3 (included)

Organisation or chain company?

Contact us if you’re having a hard time choosing a plan. Or if you would like to make your own customized plan within the ZeroAtlas system.

What are the requirements?

You are eligible to join if you are running a green company, organisation or a project.

Environmental certificates will help you get listed higher than others & verified faster.

In the future we will let users decide who is sustainable with reviews & more.

Engage & aquire

You’ll be able to see how you’re doing at any time through your awesome dashboard.

Measure visitor activity on your page.

Respond to reviews as the company owner.