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ZeroAtlas - closed beta

An introduction to ZeroAtlas

POSTED 21 JUN 2018

Climate change is a global challenge but there are ways to fight it. This is an introduction to the vision of ZeroAtlas and why a small tech startup decided to act upon climate change.

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Today it’s difficult being sustainable in your everyday life when your personal life, media or work gets in the way. In a sense, becoming sustainable comes down to comfort and convenience. Turns out that one of the biggest problems are that people just don’t know where to find green companies. 

ZeroAtlas is a green discovery platform that let’s you find, chat and play with local green companies in your area. Climate change is a global challenge, but we can still fight it locally by making clean and renewable choices, learning about waste management, as well as showing others where to find them. 

The trend is that global CO2 emissions and mean temperatures continue to rise, and that EU emission cuts alone cannot stop climate change, but if it can serve as a role model to other regions and show that a low-carbon economy is feasible, then the 2020 plan has partially achieved success. 

You can picture ZeroAtlas like a 2020 plan, but instead of creating a sustainable growth strategy, ZeroAtlas intends to be a role model to give discoverability to these innovations and make those businesses in the low-carbon sector more competitive on the web. If we can get people to use these solutions regularly and make them understand the impact they have on the environment, then ZeroAtlas can help the EU to reach the 2020 goals and beyond. 

As the green economy model continues to grow in the EU, there will be a need to show them all in one place and that is where ZeroAtlas steps in. We believe global sustainability challenges need to be taken down to a level where everyone can easily understand the information they get in order to make smart, sustainable choices. 

Simply put, there is not a green discovery service that is trustworthy, fun or easy to use. That’s why we are building ZeroAtlas. We believe everyone should be able to become a climate-smart citizen.  


Benjamin Lillandt

CEO & Co-founder

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