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ZeroAtlas - closed beta

Your Eco Friend

Find sustainable and green companies nearby.


ZeroAtlas mission is to make it easier for people to take action on sustainability in their everyday lives.

Today it’s difficult being sustainable in your everyday life when your personal life, media or work gets in the way. In a sense, becoming sustainable comes down to comfort and convenience.

ZeroAtlas intends to deliver a solution that is easy, trustworthy and fun to use through an ever present medium: the smartphone.

Together we can make a difference. Engage globally. Act locally. Game on!

JUL 2015ZeroAtlas development started
AUG 2015Joined The Game Incubator
APR 2016Closed beta launched
JUL 2016Closed beta 0.5
JAN 2017Open beta


It has become increasingly more important for successful companies to show their users how much they care about sustainability and how much they take that into consideration.

By participating in ZeroAtlas, users discover existing green companies close by, who can directly show users how to be more green.

The goal is to connect users and green companies to make content discoverable, collaborative, fun and trustworthy.

Join one of our achievement programs

Join us in creating an awesome app. Choose between 2 beta app programs.

Want to live more green?

We are currently in the process of pre-subscribing potential green companies to the ZeroAtlas system.

We want you to add, take pictures, rank, review green companies and tell us what works best in the app.

Enroll now to the Elder Observatory program.

227 / 1000 spots taken

Or are you a gamer?

An intuitive game experience comes from including gamers early into the system.

We want you play, save and conquer regions, add quests, share your progress with friends and tell us what works best in the gamification process.

Enroll now to the Elder Masterbuilder program.

373 / 1000 spots taken

Where we get our information from

Want to contribute? Or learn more about ZeroAtlas?

BRA MILJÖVAL(Swedish society for nature conservation)

YOU(Coming in open beta)

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